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Photo Gallery

Must Be 18 Or Over To See These Sweets! Must Be 18 Or Over To See These Sweets! 92405336 196339786 196339806 Chocolate Booty Cake Literally, this booty was dark chocolate cake and whipped chocolate buttercream icing, covered in yummy chocolate fondant... and a fondant thong ;) 92402379 92402377 92402380 Just so hilarious up close I had to put it on here! 92402372 196340369 196340370 Sexy Lady Cake This was dark chocolate cake with chocolate mousse buttercream filling, even the pillows are cake, the head board, lady, and her purse, shoes, and lipstick are all hand made out of gumpaste. 111386133 111386132 I tried to model this her after the lady who ordered the cake for her... "friend" as a birthday gift to him. ;) 111386130 Yes... she has a drink and a smoke in each hand ;) 111386127 120562877 120562878 120562879 120562860